First time ever we ran out of review forms!  So we had to improvise and go a bit primitive…so to speak.


A very sweet couple in Eldersburg needed a carpet ripple removed.  Be careful with carpet ripples since they tend to cause a tripping hazard.  I got to say I had such a good time chatting with them while performing the repair.  It bothers some but I enjoy having folks watch while I work plus it gives me someone to talk to.  They have one of the sweetest stories.  Both of their spouse had passed so they decided to move into a retirement community.   Although, they knew each other in high school they didn’t know the other was in the same housing community.  One day they’re both out and run into each other.  He says to her “I know you don’t I?”  She says “You sure do.” Immediately after that they start dating.  Soon after that they get married! and have been married 10 years now.  I gotta tell you they were like teenage sweet hearts the way they interacted with each other.  She loves doing jigsaw puzzles, and even gave me one to take home because I told her my niece loved them too.  That came up because he was heading out to go to the game at the naval academy so before leaving he went out and bought her a puzzle and brought it back so she had something to do when he was gone. I know right…super sweet!  It was a great time.