Berber Carpet Repair

Did you know that 65.6 percent of all carpet sold in the United States is made for residential use? This means there are a variety of styles available to consumers today.

Berber carpet is one of those styles that consumers are increasingly choosing to put in their homes because of its overall versatility and durability.

Berber carpet defends against stains and spills very well, but when it comes to physical damage, it does come up a little short. The looped pile design makes its prone to unraveling due to getting snagged on a sharp object or simply by vacuuming it.

While this is a significant downside to owning Berber carpet, don’t let it stop you from purchasing one because we are here for you if anything goes wrong.

Professionals On Standby

Berber carpet repair is a highly intricate process that requires real skills and talent to complete successfully. Our professional team of IICRC certified Berber carpet repair specialists have the skills needed to perform repairs flawlessly.

Our creative team of experts will use their professional training to determine what type of repair your Berber carpet needs depending on the level of damage.

For Berber carpet with minimal damage, we surgically weave in new fiber loops. If your Berber carpet has sustained substantial damage, we remove the damaged section of carpet and replace it with a matching permanent section.

We can even pattern match if need be! How many carpet repair businesses do you know that can do that?

Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning Is Here For You

If you’re ready to see your Berber carpet look brand new again, don’t call the amateurs, call the professionals at Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning today!

Learn more about our Berber carpet repair service by calling 410-514-5754