Carpet Cleaning

Is your carpet in dire need of a professional carpet cleaning? Are you worried about the gunk that has accumulated in your carpet over the past couple months?

The gunk that has built in your carpet is dirt, dust, pet dander, exhaust emissions, human hair and skin, pollen spores, dust mites, bacteria and other pathogens that can impact your health.

As you can see your carpet is a melting pot of contaminants. A professional carpet cleaning will remove these unwanted items from your carpet and improve your indoor air quality.

Improving your indoor air quality has now become a matter of life and death. Did you know that indoor air pollution can reduce your life expectancy by up to one year?

Making sure that your carpet stays clean will improve your carpet’s service life and yours!

Carpet Cleaning

We clean your carpet using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning technology and products. Our products are all natural and will not produce volatile organic compounds or off-gassing.

Our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning system will ensure that the dirt, grime, and bacteria lurking in your carpet is expelled.

After we are done your carpet will be clean, and your indoor air quality will be dramatically improved. We recommend scheduling a professional carpet cleaning with us every 12-18 months to keep your manufacturer’s warranty current and contaminants at bay.

Learn how our carpet cleaning service can benefit you and your carpet! Contact us today at 410-514-5754 for more details.