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OK so we left off where I was telling you about the cookie cutter patch.  As you can see from the pictures because of the red stain the patch stand out a lot.  After speaking with the client she had informed me that the carpet had already been professionally cleaned.  Wow what a terrible job!  We went in and preformed a heat transfer to remove the red stain and then used our low moisture green general cleaning process to remove the remained of the red stain and the soil stains.  As you can see what a DIFFERENCE!!!

This client is selling their home because they moved back to Florida, and they wanted to spend the least possible to prepare the home for sale.  I get that I really do, but do you think had they left the carpets the way they were the buyer would have negotiated a lower price.  Absolutely they would have, nobody wants to buy a home that’s new to them with red stains and soil stains on the carpet yuk.  The buuyer could have easily had every right to ask for a few thousand dollars to replace the carpet.  By the way, we did the cleaning for…..$65!  we gave them a discount because they had done previous work with us.