Our Pikesville client Jane called because a water pipe had busted, and drenched the carpeting in their master bedroom. Water damage if not attended to very quickly will cause more than just a headache. Many people try to just dry the carpet with fans, but fail to realize that beneath the carpet is a sponge called the pad. When water penetrates the backing of the carpet and reaches the pad the water will spread into the pad beyond the wet spot you see on the carpet. In addition, the concern of the carpet delaminating is also a potential problem. Delaminating is when the secondary backing separates from the primary backing of the carpet. If the carpet and the secondary backing are not attached strongly enough, they can separate, causing an installed carpet to wrinkle or pucker. Yesterday March 26th we pulled up the carpet so we could investigate how much of the pad was wet, and found that the water had soaked into the pad 2 feet beyond the water mark that was on the carpet! We ripped out the wet pad and set dryers and fans to dry the carpet completely. Today we went back out to inspect the carpet. It was completely dry. We proceeded to replace the pad that was torn out yesterday with a much better moisture barrier pad (we highly recommend this). A little bit of spray adhesive was used to make sure the pad didn’t slide, or shift during the stretching process. We then pulled the carpet back; power stretched it in, trimmed off the extra carpet and tucked it in.  Here is what Jane had to say about her experience with Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning
Since there are water stains on the carpet we are going to help her with carpet cleaning as well.

Thank you for the kind words Jane! 410-514-5754