Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning received a call from Alexis in Cockeysville who has a new puppies.  Need I say more 🙂 New kitties and puppies will cause damage to our homes and that’s just the way it works.  Puppies and kitties need to learn what is right and wrong…until then were here to help with carpet repairs or cleaning! 


– Never rub the nose of your animal into the spot this does nothing at all to prevent them from doing it again.

-Once you notice a pee spot immediately dab it with a paper towel

-A special urine treatment only cost about $20 vs. $10 for a bottle of over the counter solution that never works.

-We think that over the counter solutions work because we spray it and it doesn’t smell, but what you have to remember it that those solutions only cover up the smell.  Dogs and cats have a better sense of smell than humans SO although you don’t smell it, they do.  What happens next is what we all have experienced…they go and pee in the same spot!  This will continue to happen until properly treated.

-When you notice a pee spot dab it, and call us to treat it properly.

We really work hard to seperate ourselves from everyone else! Thanks 410-514-5754