Oh Millie! Someone got a little naughty while her mom wasn’t home. Liz in Catonsville needed our help, and fast! Our handyman replaced the entire door, and then our carpet repair pros fixed the entryway door carpet. We also installed some new lights in her sunroom and completed some other handyman jobs. Good thing Millie is so darn cute! She looks sorry though, so we forgive her.

IMG_7013 IMG_7398

liz wyman frame liz puppy at door frame liz puppy during door frame liz puppy new door frame liz wyman 36364345_1603202469806623_1631869628659531776_n 36324391_1603202219806648_1010721919189647360_n 36310478_1603202443139959_5445684593325768704_n 36370019_1603202316473305_8828106372697554944_n liz sunroom old lights liz sunroom new lights