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Did you know that as late as 1624, most European homes had a beaten earth floor. Visitors would wipe their shoes or feet on a mat to keep the floor from getting muddy. Over the next hundred years, wood floors  became elegant and were found only in Royal or very affluent  homes. During the Colonial Era, the overwhelming amount of available wood in North America made it possible for new Americans to actually have wooden floors. not sanded and finished, mind you, but at least wood, and sometimes even painted! What luxury, and ever since, Americans have admired and treasured wood floors. Some things age very well, and such is the case of well cared for hardwood floors. Our ancestors loved them, we love them, and hopefully generations to come after us will love them. These Ft. Washington floors needed refinished, and look beautiful. If there is damage to the wood , a dark stain works best, and the shine is from the poly. Expresso. Great job, Fabricio, and Nan, you go girl! Great taste! –  Jon, Fabricio, and the BCR Floor Team 🙂