3 layers of wallpaper 12 layers of wallpaper 23 layers of wallpaper 3






This is a wallpaper removal job we did recently. On this wall were 3 layers of paper, and I don’t know how long this paper has been on this wall, but the middle picture of 2nd layer paper looks  a lot like Genghis Khan on a horse,with people working in rice patties. Just sayin’ thats what it looks like to me.

Anyone who has ever tried to remove wallpaper knows that it is no easy job. It takes quite a bit of time, some know-how, and a lot of patience. Of course, the longer the paper has been on the walls, the more likely it is to come off is small pieces instead of long sheets. Just so you know. it’s going to be messy, uh, very messy, with water and glue running down your walls, making everything wet and sticky. So, of course you must protect your floor, woodwork, and furniture. You have to remove every bit of paste from the wall, and there is going to be a lot of paste. This is, of course, after you have literally scraped all the backing off the wall WITHOUT damaging the wall. You’re going to be tired, yes. You’re going to wonder why on earth you started this impossible job. You’re going to want to think that you are done, when you’re not, because if you don’t get every bit of that paste off the wall, the wall will look clean, but will have a dark sheen and feel sticky. If you ignore this and paint over it, the paint will eventually bubble, and if you put wallpaper over it, it won’t stick. Before you begin wallpaper removal, think about it, talk it over with wifey, or with hubby, or just sleep on it. Then take a couple aspirin and call us in the morning! -Jon and his Wallpaper Removal Team 🙂