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Patterson Park. This carpet needed a good cleaning, and so we gave it one. Stains, stains, stains! We try to avoid them, dab at them, press towels on them to absorb the liquid. When the stains are from pets, well, that presents even more difficult challenges. The urine spot may not even look that big on the carpet, but you can bet that underneath the carpet, on the padding, it is soaking in. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned, and after a few days, the odor is back, or if your carpets are heavily stained, then it may be time to consider  investing in new carpet.  No matter what your carpet or floor issue is, we at Baltimore Carpet Repair can help you repair, replace, or update. Spring is almost here, and we will all be trying to improve our homes to some degree. Have some ideas of what you want to do? Or need some ideas to think about? Call us, we’ll come take a look, talk with you, and give you an estimate. – Jon and his Team 🙂