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As I’ve said many times before, we do love our pets, and as you can see from these pics, we love them VERY much! Some of our pets, like, say, this one, is what we will call a “repeat offender.” When one is a “repeat offender” one tends to look the other way when accused. (see last 2 pics) When we are called for a third repair, the offender will then be moved to the “high-risk” category, meaning that when we are contacted by the owner of the offender, we already know what the problem will be, and are prepared to offer all the good advice and support possible to the upset owner. We listen to frustrated owners, (will he grow out of it? uh, maybe), (can he be, like, trained out of it? uh, maybe), (do you think he’s angry cause I don’t take him with me? uh, don’t know), (do you think there’s something, you know, wrong with him?  Uh, you mean other than the fact that he is a high-risk, repeat offender? No, cause there are plenty of those around. lol) If you have pet damage, give us a call, no matter what category your pet is in! -Jon and his Team 🙂