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Spills and stains! Some small, some large,some barely noticeable, and some we can’t tear our eyes away from. Oh yeah, the holidays are famous for more than precious memories. Oh, and nevermind the holidays, what about children and pets roaming around the house? Yep, we have seen normally cool and collected people collapse to the floor and start screaming like a banshee at the sight of, let’s say, a glass of red wine and a tray of  hor dourves spilled and tracked across the floor. We’ve seen their bulging eyes and heard them say things like “how did this happen? WHO…DID…THIS…? Our guests are going to be here IN TEN MINUTES…these are people I WORK WITH!!!!!!”  We’ve watched as they’ve lined their little ones up, washed their little faces, banished the dog to the laundry room, even though he wasn’t finished with his hor dourves, and continued raving and not being cool and collected. We’ve listened as this normally calm woman said things like “who was watching the kids? YOU were supposed to be watching them! How many glasses of wine have you had? My mother was right, I DO have 3 children” (what?) We’ve watched her, spray bottle and towel in hand, dab at the carpet and continue to rave, making it a little difficult to get to the wine bottle for a refill. Finally, the doorbell rang, which sent her into a frenzy “Oh my God, they’re here. Jon, will you PLEASE let them in while I finish?” I did as I was asked, opening the door, welcoming our guests, ushering them in, giving her a moment to collect herself, which she did. I heard her voice as she came up behind me, sounding so cool and calm, so welcoming to our guests. (Ah, good, the storm is over) Now that she had all our guests’ attention, I smiled and turned to her as well. She looked beautiful, but something about her dress caught my eye. Stains. STAINS? Right on the front of her dress were several stains. In her frenzy to clean up the mess, some of it had gotten on her dress and, oh my, if you have ever seen ugly stains on a beautiful cream colored dress, well, it’s like I said earlier “some stains we can’t tear our eyes away from…”     Call us to schedule a carpet cleaning before your holiday party! – Jon 🙂