Pikesville-DexterFells point cabinets 1 Fells point cabinets 2Abingdon 1Abingdon 2

Different projects going on in different places. The first pic is, uh, no not Dexter! It’s a project we are working on in Pikesville. We have been posting about this ongoing project.  More pics later. The next two pics are of some cabinets that we are installing at Hendersons Wharf, Fells Point. A little setback about installing the cabinets is that one of them was broken (3rd pic)  On Sept 29th we posted about this project.Our last two pics are of a project we are doing for Greg, one of our largest real estate clients, and this one is at Greg’s personal residence. Keep checking back with us as we work on and complete these and more projects. As you probably know by now, in addition to all carpeting issues, we have expanded and do all kinds of other work for our clients. Stay with us, and call us when you need us! – Jon and The BCR Team 🙂