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It’s exciting to purchase a house and do some remodeling and decorating. After all the work is done, and the move is completed, it will finally  start to feel like YOUR home, your place, your sanctuary, mirroring your personality.  One of our client families in Pikesville is doing just that. Having just purchased this home, they are proceeding to get some remodeling done. So, if you see us darting around Pikesville, it’s because we are helping with a little remodeling. Everyone needs closet space, but first on our list is to get rid of that huge, ugly closet in the middle of the family room. After that, we will be painting and installing wood floors. Stay with us for more pics to come, and if you need some work done, and can’t flag us down as we are darting around, you can always contact us on our blog, facebook, or just give us a call!  Jon And His Team 🙂