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Alright, here’s the story, and we’re sticking to it. We’re on a job in Abington, we’re 40 minutes from our shop, and we are in a bind because we only have half of a knee-kicker! (knee kicker? what’s that? a toddler throwing a tantrum?) A knee-kicker is a tool we use in our profession. Do we have an extra 2 hours to run pick up another one? Uh, no. Look through our truck, what do we have? Duct tape. (ALWAYS a must in any truck), 8 lb., half inch carpet pad, and a little ingenuity (like old MacGyver). Fortunately, it was only  one flight of stairs, we finished the job, and only the younger members of BCR had to research who MacGyver is. – Jon and The BCR team 🙂