Our first 4 pictures are of cat damage to carpeting. Why do cats scratch carpet? Cats scratch with their front claws by dragging them downward, either on a horizontal or vertical surface. This action which is referred to as “stropping” loosens and removes the outer husk of the claw revealing a sharp new surface underneath. It also exercises the muscles of the forelimbs and spine to keep the cat in good condition for hunting and protecting itself. Unfortunately, while the cat may be in tip-top shape, the same often cannot be said for the carpeting! If your cat gets ready for “hunting season” by damaging your carpet, we can help. Whether it’s small or large repairs, call us for a quote.  The next 5 pictures are of a water damage repair we did in Elkridge. We pulled up the carpet and underneath was 8 lb moisture barrier padding, which was replaced in wet areas. If you have any carpet issues, we invite you to contact us. We’d be happy to add you to our family of clients!   Jon and his BCR Team 🙂