One of our favorite clients has moved into her new home. We helped her prepare for her move by painting and installing new carpet. Now we will begin work on the house she just moved out of in order to help get it ready to sell. One of the first things for us to do is to remove the old wallpaper. One layer of wallpaper? No, it will be two layers of wallpaper to remove. As you may already know, there is no simple and easy  way to remove wallpaper, and this is doubly true if the wallpaper is old. If you have a project requiring wallpaper to be removed, you definitely should consider hiring a professional. A professional will know what to do concerning any issues he may encounter, and will have the tools to remove it properly without damaging your walls. If you find yourself in need of professional help with any home issues, give us a call- Jon and the BCR team 🙂