In America, we have a wonderful tradition of launching fireworks on Independence Day that goes back as far as the history of our nation itself.  Fireworks were used during the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the adoption of our Declaration of Independence in 1777, when they were launched from Philadelphia. Since then, fireworks have been launched July 4th each year  as a remembrance of our Independence, and of all the brave Americans who have fought and died for us to remain free. We have posted a couple pictures of Baltimore. The first picture is way back in 1752. The 2nd picture is Baltimore today. So, for 263 years, the people of Baltimore have lived, worked, fought, and died for our freedom. Because of that, we have this beautiful city, county, state, and country in which to live and raise our families.  My Country Tis of Thee…Sweet land of Liberty… We wish you a very happy 4th!  -Jon and the BCR Team.