One of the best ways to update your home without doing major renovations is to get a fresh new coat of paint on the walls. Many people think that painting is an easy do it yourself project, but anyone who has ever tried to tackle a major residential painting project can tell you-it”s not that easy. There’s a lot more to interior painting than meets the eye. So, before you run out and buy a can of paint and a roller, consider this-there are many  benefits to hiring a professional painter. Contractors have access to much more efficient equipment than a typical homeowner. They have the experience, supplies, and expertise to complete the job much faster and efficiently (including the time-consuming task of  prep-work and clean-up) than the average do-it-yourselver.  BCR is beginning a new painting project in Pikesville consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hall, and stairwell. Walls, trim, and doors. These pics are the Pikesville project before we begin, and check back with us for the after pics. If you have any painting projects you are planning, consider giving us a call for a quote!  -Your BCR Team 🙂