We only use Crain Power Stretchers as the main tool with knee kickers as a secondary tool.  When stretching carpet many factors come into play for example:
Do any seams need to be broken and re seamed?
How are the pre cut corners going to be affected?
If there are floor vents…how much will the carpet shift and will a plug need to be installed?
Are the closets going to be affected?
How much furniture to move and where to move it?
How strong are the original seams…remember the power stretcher is powerful and if the seams are weak they will be ripped apart!
Does the whole room or just a part of it need to be stretched?
What direction should the stretch go?
How much should you pull the carpet? It has to be tight enough to hold up to our lifetime warranty…but not too tight because the carpet will tear…if not tight enough we’ll be back to do it again!
As you can see a lot goes into power stretching but not to worry because the pros at Baltimore Carpet Repair will have you fixed up in a jiffy!