Are you considering laying carpet over a tile floor in a way that it can be removed in the future? Is this possible to do? Yes, but there are several things to consider. Will the tile be damaged? What about doors that may rub against the carpet since it will be higher than the tile underneath it? We at Baltimore Carpet Repair can answer these and any other questions you may have…Nate and his family purchased a new home near NAVY stadium in Annapolis. They only plan to be there for about 5 years and when they are ready to move they want to pull the carpet up and sell the home with tile, not carpet in the basement. Traditionally, when installing carpet on concrete, you would hammer in nails to secure the tack strips or drill in aluminum plugs. Well, that’s not going to work if they plan on using the tile to sell the home later. To solve this problem, PAM glue sticks were used to secure the tack strips to the tile. PAM glue is a specially formulated glue that adheres the wood tack strips to solid surfaces better than your normal hot glue sticks. The basement turned out beautiful!!

A special thank you to Tina Marine a Coldwell Banker agent in Annapolis…

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