Baltimore Carpet  Repair helped this family with their new home. They purchased their new home and before moving in, they wanted to address the carpet ripples in the master bedroom. Carpet ripples are generally due to poor installation but in this case it was the cable wires’ fault…or we should say the cable installer. When cable is installed many times they hide it under the carpet which makes sense; the problem is that when they lift the carpet to put the wire underneath, they never stretch it back in. You can see this in the picture with the carpet ripple on an angle and the wire that was pulled out from under the carpet. To properly install cable wiring under carpet, it is best to pinch it between the tack strips and run it up through the carpet by access of a small hole cut in the carpet. Fortunately. the pros at Baltimore Carpet Repair were able to make the carpet look as if the carpet ripple was never there!