Ron is in Rosedale / Middle River and wanted to get his rental property carpet re stretched and cleaned.  Initially, Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning was hired to stretch the carpet ripples out and another company was doing the carpet cleaning.  Once the carpet stretching was completed Ron inquired about the carpet cleaning and what it entailed.  Mostly, he was curious about the upcharges.  He was annoyed that places advertised cheap carpet cleaning but then wanted to nickel and dime him for everything.  At Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning everything is included for around $35 (10×12).  What’s everything?  First, the top of the line heavy traffic lifter is applied throughout not just on the high traffic areas!  Then we manually brush scrub the heavy traffic lifter deep into the carpet.  This step is a huge benefit for folks with Berber carpet one because we don’t charge extra, but more importantly it has a much better chance of cleaning into the loop construction on Berber  carpet. Both deodorizer & citrus odor eliminator are applied using hot water extraction commonly known as “steam cleaning” although no steam is actually generated.  If true steam temp. is reached the carpet would probably delaminate and void most if not all manufactures warranties. 95% of carpet manufactures require a hot water extraction carpet cleaning every 12-18 months to be in line with their warranty guidelines.