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Syed had some serious carpet ripples in the master bedroom that were out of control.  The pros at Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning re stretched the entire room length and width.  You can see in the pictures just how bad the carpet ripples were…why are they so bad? Poor installation period! No way heat or humidity did this.  The carpet will have dark lines where the carpet ripples were until the carpet is cleaned

Allowing your carpet to get this bad will damage the backing of he carpet causing it to separate from the carpet.  This carpet will never be the same and will not last as long as carpet that had no carpet ripples or  carpet that had been re stretched when the ripples just began to show.  Getting your carpet stretched early on when ripples begin to appear will cost less and look much better.  The cost is almost a mood point when there is something so ugly staring you in the face and a dangerous tripping hazard.