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Victor just moved into a new home he and his family were renting.  The owners were getting the basement carpeted and painted which got screwed up in a big way.   The carpet was ridiculous… really it was the worst installation George ( who has 30+ years experience) has ever seen!  The carpet was running the wrong way, and the seam work was absolutely atrocious! See if you can picture this…the basement was situated such that there were going to b 2 16 foot seam no matter what.  So instead of putting a seam in the middle and then another one 2 feet from the back wall they put both seams in the middle of the room.  Granted the carpet was the cheapest Berber on the market, BUT there is still no reason that the seams were put in the middle and seam together so so poorly. That was just the carpet.  The pad installation was horrific at best.  The pad was foam and the ends had not been trimmed so you felt a hard line under the carpet in 2 areas 16 feet long.  Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning had to literally reinstall the entire basement.  First, the bad seams were broken and the carpet uninstalled.  Secondly, New 8lb 7/16″ pad was installed. Next, new seams were burned, and finally the carpet was re installed.