Baltimore Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Sales & Installation


  1. Carpet Repair – Carpet Patches, Pet Damage, Seam Repair, Berber Pulls/Runs, Carpet Stretching
  2. Carpet Cleaning Low Moisture Green – Dry in 35 Minuets
  3. Floor Sales & Installation – Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, VCT
  4. Professional Painting – General Residential & Commercial
  5. Loading and Unloading – Moving? We Can Help
  6. Clean-Outs – Rentals, Flips, or Commercial

Check back to see before and after picture along with client reviews!  This is what we will be doing. 

Whole House Power Stretch – Needed because there are ripples(sometimes referred to as carpet waves, or carpet bubbles) in the carpet, and usually due to poor installation.  Beside being unsightly they can be a tripping hazard.  An entire house is difficult due to the fact that every room of carpet has to be stretched, and on one floor alone you could have a hallway, and multiple bedrooms off the left and right, and just imagine a full basement where the carpet could easily be 20 x 25.  Now imagine a huge piece of carpet without the walls and having to stretch it outwards to make sure it’s tight.  Oh and it better be tight because we offer a LIFEATIME warranty on Power Stretching. 

FX Studio Commercial TURF instal -Lead install Jeff inspected the job site this afternoon to learn there were bubble developing in the carpet that was laid 3 weeks ago.  We are contracted to install around 600 sq. ft. and repair the carpet bubbles.  This floor is awesome!  To give you an idea very good quality commercial carpet is 33oz whereas this is 128 oz almost 4 times the weight!  Check back for pics and review.

1500 sq. ft. Commercial install – This is taking place at a salon in Randallstown.  We are contracted to install 1500 sq. ft. of glue down carpet along with transitions for 40 doorways.  This is going to be a long and tedious job mainly because its all hallways and the baseboard in already down and when I say down I mean down to the concrete sub floor.  What this means is that the carpet cannot be tucked under the base board which regardless of the skill of the cut is hidden under the base board leaving a clean straight look.  So that means the technician must be highly skilled.  Check back to see the work of Master Installer Jeff!