Baltimore Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Sales & Installation


  1. Carpet Repair – Carpet Patches, Pet Damage, Seam Repair, Berber Pulls/Runs, Carpet Stretching
  2. Carpet Cleaning Low Moisture Green – Dry in 35 Minuets
  3. Floor Sales & Installation – Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, VCT
  4. Professional Painting – General Residential & Commercial
  5. Loading and Unloading – Moving? We Can Help
  6. Clean-Outs – Rentals, Flips, or Commercial

We here at Baltimore Carpet Repair are always looking for ways to separate ourselves from all the rest.  So we asked our clients…What would make this repair/stretch/installation even better?  The overwhelming response was vacuuming.  Many found it a hassle to run down/upstairs to grab the vacuum, plug it in, yada, yada, yada. We listened! The newest service we are now including at no cost to the client is vacuuming!  I know it may sound elementary, but remember carpet repair and installation companies DO NOT vacuum after they are done.  Everyone in the industry picks up the big pieces because that’s just common sense, but all those little bits are just left for the homeowner to take care of themselves.   When you stretch carpet you tack it in and trim the excess leaving tons of little carpet threads.  In addition, when you are repairing carpet from pet damage or whatever the same thing happens in regards to the little carpet bits.   Baltimore Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Sales & Installation has purchased a mini shop vac to use when we go to a clients home for a carpet repair, carpet stretching, or carpet installation.  When it comes to client satisfaction NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAN BALTIMORE CARPET REPAIR, CLEANING, SALES & INSTALLATION!!