Baltimore Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Sales & Installation


  1. Carpet Repair – Carpet Patches, Pet Damage, Seam Repair, Berber Pulls/Runs, Carpet Stretching
  2. Carpet Cleaning Low Moisture Green – Dry in 35 Minuets
  3. Floor Sales & Installation – Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, VCT
  4. Professional Painting – General Residential & Commercial
  5. Loading and Unloading – Moving? We Can Help
  6. Clean-Outs – Rentals, Flips, or Commercial

I have to say that Lori really takes care of her carpet and it shows.  Her carpet looked not a day older than a year and come to fins out she has had it for 13 years!  By getting it cleaned regularly she has extended the life and look of her carpet beyond it’s years.  Unfortunately, while she was cleaning some bleached got spilled on the carpet and when that happens there is absolutely nothing you can do.  Lucky, Lori had some carpet in an old closet area that we were able to use for the repair.

Thanks Lori!