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This is definitely Smalltimore!  I was at Phils today and we got to chatting.  Come to find out he and his wife are fostering kittens from BARCS, the same place my wife works, and they already have a beautiful Pitbull named Ozzy.  Phil must be a really nice guy because the hour I was there he was coughing and sneezing non-stop because he is allergic.  When I asked my wife if she knew Melanie, Phils wife, she said “oh ya I was the one who convinced her to foster kittens.

Ozzy, their Pitbull dug at 2 place causing pet damage to the carpet.  You would not believe how common this is.  the first repair was done with a cookie cutter and we were even to lower the price for Phil.  The second repair was at a doorway ion the corner of the room.  This repair required us to replace the pad and tack strips.  As you can see from the pictures we could not install a tack strip in the corner because the sub floor was too damaged.  Because the other sections of the tack strip was secured we were able to get a good stretch.